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Let's Get To Work!

I put my journalism skills and years of experience to work for news organizations and clients to produce compelling, must-read content. 

Recording Time


 If you're looking for a well-sourced, fast, meticulous news reporter who can write hard-hitting, high-quality articles, pitch me a story! I specialize in health journalism and addiction, startups and innovation, and education and juvenile justice. But I'm highly versatile and can report on nearly any topic. 

Image by Nick Morrison

Fact-based Content

My writing sings when crafting company and founder profiles. Combine my interviewing and research skills honed over years of covering health care, startups and innovation, and I can write informative, catchy, fact-based blogs, reports and white papers. 

Ring of Light Bulbs

Thought Leadership

I help digital health startups share their insights and ideas by producing scalable narrative content and ghostwriting engaging and thought-provoking op-eds for industry and mainstream publications. 

David Tuller, Senior Fellow in Journalism at Center for Global Public Health

“Since I first met Brian, I have been impressed with his ability to deliver well-written, in-depth news that blends compelling storytelling with meticulous reporting, captivating readers time and again. He can take on any story and turn it into a must-read piece."
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